Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Professor Heer's Quote

The Rebelution posted their first writing contest this week, and the results are in. The following is an excerpt from their blog.

In “Challenge of Youth" (1974), Heer documents and analyzes historically-significant youth movements — from the time of ancient Greece through the hippie era — concluding that:

The Quote:
"[T]he harsh light of historical fact [is] that every significant youth movement is in its own time crushed by the forces in power, and its spirit frequently perverted or bent to other uses[.]” It is also interesting to note that Professor Heer identifies the common characteristic among all youth movements as being "the symbolic rejection of the father (authority), and frequent adoption of a new 'father'..." and references Malachi 4:6 ("...turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers...”) to conclude that "it is the fathers who have the last word.”

The Question: As a presuppositionally-Christian youth movement, how do you think the Rebelution differs (or should differ) from the youth movements Professor Heer described? We'd like to really devote some time to discussing this important issue. Is a widespread Christian youth movement doomed to failure and perversion? We want to hear from you.

The Winner: Brian W. of Zealous Endeavor won the contest with his thought provoking and complete response. Click here to read his answer.

My Answer: The Rebelution is a movement that recognizes and embraces the authority of both our Heavenly Father and earthly fathers. This differs from the movements studied by Professor Heer. Youth movements of the past have lacked wisdom and direction as they sought to break away from the old and forge their way into new ideas and thought processes contrary to those previously held. The Rebelution is not calling for an overthrow of rules or responsibilities as some have, but of low standards and spiritual incompetence.

“Do Hard Things” is a motto more young people should adopt. It is a turning back to a world view previously held by generations of God fearing Christians who understood the role young people can have in His Kingdom. The Rebelution inspires Christian youth to live out their faith in practical ways that proclaim the power and love of Christ our King. This makes it vastly different from the radically self centered youth revolutions of history.

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