Saturday, January 21, 2006

The World of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is a 7 book series written by the English author C. S. Lewis. He was a great Christian who created a fictional or secondary world full of symbolism and allusion. In this secondary world, C. S. Lewis used both the world as we know it as well as a world of his own creation and tied them together in such a way as to make it believable.

In Narnia, the character that represents God is the all-powerful Lion Aslan. He is compassionate and just. Aslan cares for his people, talking animals, and other creatures. He loves them so much he was able to die for them. Death was reversed, and Aslan lived because he was innocent, and died willingly for another. Aslan is the creator of Narnia, and is involved in his world.

Narnia is not another planet. You cannot get there by going far enough. It is a world completely separate from our own. Narnia is very similar to our own world. It did not always exist. Aslan created and started Narnia. It was created good with the purpose of serving Aslan and his creatures.

Sin and wickedness were not part of Narnia’s creation. Rebellion entered, not through Aslan’s design, but through the wickedness of man. The evil character of the White Witch Queen Jadis represents the Satan of our world. There is no good in her. She was brought into Narnia by Digory, a young boy. This mirrors Adam’s involvement with sin in our own world.

The history of Narnia is a meaningful sequence of events. Aslan is involved with history and “He seems to be at the back of all the stories” as Cor explains it in The Horse and His Boy.

In writing about a fictional world, C. S. Lewis was able to teach about the realities of this real world. Jesus Christ, Satan, nature, the creation, and the cause of sin all took an important place in the story. The Chronicles of Narnia are enjoyable for all ages.

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