Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Patience Exemplified

Abraham was a man of faith and patience. Several times God promised him a son. He said that his offspring would be as many as the dust on the ground or the stars in the heaven. Abram and his wife were already old when this promise was made, but nothing is impossible with God. When He makes a promise, it is Truth!

This is one of my favorite stories, since I was named after this faithful woman of God in the Bible. Luke 1:6 says that Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous and walked blameless in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord. Children are a blessing from the Lord, and they probably wondered why they had not been blessed. Through the years they remained faithful to God. Elizabeth showed patience in this circumstance and was rewarded with her son John.

Saint Patrick was an unbelieving 15 year old when he was captured by the pagan Irish and taken to be a slave. It was this experience that led to his conversion and a personal relationship with God as his Father. His problems did not evaporate with repentance. He remained a slave for six long years. Patience was learned during this time, and this helped him when he returned to Ireland as a missionary.

Joshua and Caleb
These men were two of the spies sent in to Canaan to scout out the land. Despite the giants of the land and the other spies' doubt, they came back full of faith that God would give them the land as He had promised. When God punished the Israelites with 4o years in the desert, Joshua and Caleb might have felt unfairly judged. They had done nothing wrong to deserve this punishment. If they did not already possess patience, I am sure they learned it by the time they finally entered the Promised Land.

My Parents
Dad and Mom have been given thousands of opportunities to be upset or irritated at the silly things I and my siblings have done or by the situations or people they have had to deal with. I am truly blessed to have a patient father and mother. They have seen me in my worst moments and have corrected and instructed in continuing patience. It is a type of Christ in my life. God is the only complete and perfect example of perfect patience, and our parents have been chosen to demonstrate that patience to us.


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