Monday, April 24, 2006

Blogging Joke Isn't So Funny

Young people should never blog without parental approval. Today's Blondie comic strip illustrated how silly it is to blog things too personal to show to your own father. Anything published on a blog is open to the potential eyes of thousands of people, and yet some people write posts that are embarrassing and detrimental to their character and safety.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”

Click HERE to read today's strip.

For the most part I have been very impressed by the blogs I have read by Christian young people. There is a seeking after truth and a desire to become more like Christ that is commendable. Blogging has shown me what other Christians are learning and considering from the Bible, and it has helped me focus on problem areas in my own character. Hopefully we are not like the daughter in Blondie who was ashamed to show her blog entry to Dagwood.


Wholesome Works said...


Good post.

It's okay that we posted on the same thing, your post went more in depth than mine.

Remember: Great minds, Think alike. :)


Wholesome Works said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm linking to your post on my post. :)

Mrs. P said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I thought how ironic the cartoon was, in that the daughter was posting on the World Wide Web (for everyone to read), but, not wanting her own Father to read it! I think that might have been part of what the cartoon writer was trying to get across.

I agree that children shouldn't blog without parental permission, and I would go a little farther in saying Parents shouldn't let children blog without their supervision. I also don't think it's wise to let children have computers (online) in their bedrooms either. That is putting a lot of temptation in front of a young person who may not be mature enough to resist it, not to mention the dangers of just stumbling upon one of the many immoral websites out there . Parents have a responsibility to teach/train/love their children to become trustworthy, not just assume telling them they trust them will make them trustworthy.

Even though I haven't taken the time to comment, I have truly enjoyed all of your posts on the Fruit of the Spirit.

God bless you,
Mrs. P

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thank you for linking to my post! You should have heard my groan when I realized that my idea to comment on that comic strip was so good, that you had done it too! I liked how you were able to get the comic strip directly onto your blog instead of outsourcing it.

Mrs. P,
I agree with you about parental surpervision. Parents should not agree to let their children have a blog and leave it at that without ever checking on it again. My father reads almost every post I write before it is published, and I appreciate his suggestions and corrections.

I am glad that you are enjoying my posts on the Fruit of the Spirit. Next up-- Gentleness!


MVB said...

A comic strip turned into a very sobering post...

It's best to just let your parents read your blog so they can monitor what you give to the public. :)

Kaitlin said...

Very true Elizabeth.

My dad is always reading my blog. Sometimes my mom even reads it.

If I started blogging about my personal life, I probably wouldn't have any readers.

Lindsey said...

That's so sad. MySpace has a very big problem there, too... Not only is it sad that some teens will be more open with their parents then with their friends, but posting too much personal information (i.e., address, phone number, etc.) is also extremely dangerous! We really need to be careful.

Lindsey said...

Whoops- that was a typo! :) I meant to say, "Not only is it sad that some teens will be more open with their friends then with their parents , but..." Not the other way around!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Wow, Lindsey, for a moment there I thought you might be contradicting yourself! It frustrates me when I don't see the most obvious of mistakes in my own writing. I am so glad that you are more open with your parents than with the World Wide Web!

abby said...

wow, just read this, it's so true. It is good to have your parents read your blog, I know mine does.:)

abby said...

wow, just read this, it's so true. It is good to have your parents read your blog, I know mine does.:)

abby said...

woops, sorry, I didn't mean for it to post twice.