Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kaitlin's Journaling

I love journaling, and it is always enjoyable and enlightening to read about other people's writing habits. There are so many ways that we can grow in our writing and continue to bring glory to God.

Kaitlin from Mission Amare brings a fresh perspective in her posts on the subject of Forgetting to Remember. Part One dealt with daydreaming and the importance of writing things down, and Part Two focuses on journaling and the inconsistencies we all face.

It was especially interesting to hear about Kaitlin's first diary, as I could completely relate. My journal didn't have a key, and that only compounded the problem.

Go take a look at her recent post!

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Mandy Grace said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I haven't been journaling as much as I could lately, so it was a good reminder.