Monday, May 21, 2007

Mother's Day Lunch

My brother and I helped my sister Susanna prepare a special Mother's Day lunch for my mom last week. It was delicious with tea, fresh fruit, and scones with jam and whipped cream.

Coming Soon!
I am writing a post about my mother and the fun stuff we like to do together!


Becc@ said...

Aw, sweet post, Elizabeth!
Be looking forward to your next one!

BrittLeigh said...

OH my, that is so beautiful. I love china ware! ;) Can't wait for what's to come ;)

Jayce Tohline said...

Lovely. The pictures clearly demonstrate that the presentation was awesome. I'm sure your mother was thrilled.

Can't wait to read the upcoming article about her. She's a very fun person.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Mr. Tohline,
Thanks for stopping by! I didn't know you had my blog address! I hope you enjoy the post about my mom. I have to agree with you: She is fun.


Mandy Grace said...

That looks delicious! It makes me want to go make some scones! We had some at our book club meeting a couple months ago, and they were so good. We had them with whipped cream and some kind of lemon spread. Yum. :-)