Monday, October 22, 2007


Isn't it fun having friends over? My friend Katie Marie (from Pursuing the Mystery) was able to visit a few weeks ago, and we worked on a colorful sewing project together. Our original plan was to make skirts, but, after visiting the craft store and viewing the available fabrics, we decided to do something different.
It was Katie who discovered the rack of soft organic cotton fabrics. The colors were deep and rich with a natural hue that soon captured Katie's attention. I looked around a while longer and almost selected fabrics to go with my quilt. In the end, I went with the organic cotton. Katie chose pink and brown; I went with blue and green.

The idea was to do a pieced quilted block pillow, so we went back to my house to peruse quilting books. Inspired by a picture in one of the books illustrating a skirt with large appliqued flowers, we decided to do something similar on our pillows.

We had so much fun making our pillows! We were unable to finish the project during Katie's visit, but we each made a good start, and I was able to finish mine yesterday.

My pillow is made of two large pink and blue flowers with three green leaves. I appliqued the pieces onto a brown background and added a blue border. I quilted it with scrap fabric and leftover batting from my quilt before attaching the blue back, stuffing the pillow, and sewing it shut. My first applique project was done!


Katie Marie said...

I love how yours turned out, Elizabeth! Katie Marie regrets to say that her pillow is still under construction. :)

Becc@ said...

Ooh, that is SO cute!!! You did an awesome job! I love all the pictures!

Mandy Grace said...

Crafting with friends can be so much fun! I like how your pillow turned out. Very pretty. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with pillows I'm afraid... I'd like to draw attention to your use, or rather misuse, of the Head coat of arms; which incidentally, you have no right, legal or otherwise, to use.

There is no such thing as a "family coat of arms". Heraldic arms are assigned to individuals and NOT families; they are hereditary but are passed down from fathers to sons and only with the previous bearers explicit wish. Today, one must be able to prove direct descent from the bearer of the arms in order to have any right to use them. Can you demonstrate direct descent from Richard Head of Rochester? I doubt it...

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Yours in annoyance,

A (true) Head

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Dear True Head,

Thank you for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concern. The Head Coat of Arms (particularly the motto) has always been of interest to me. I am descended from a colonial Englishman by that name, and his descendants have played a fascinating role in my nation’s history. It is not my wish to offend, and I hope you will forgive me.