Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Bounds to God's Faithfulness

It is hard to imagine that today is already the last day in January! 2008 is graduation year for me, so I am living in one giant "bend in the road." I am still seeking God's will about what follows the bend, and I am so thankful to God for the guidance, inspiration, and peace that he has given me as I enter this season in my life.

I am having a lot of fun reading the books I promised to read before graduation. The Beginning of the Republic by Clarence B. Carson is a fascinating read. I can't help but contrast the America of the early 1800's to the political environment today. So much has changed.

My life is not all study right now though. I am also working on a quilt that celebrates Oklahoma. The piecing is done; I am now working on appliquéing the border with the word “Oklahoma” on three sides and the dates “1907 – 2007” on the fourth side. The first “Oklahoma” was finished yesterday, so I still have a long way to go. I am enjoying every stitch (except for the ones I have to take out).

My study of the Bible has covered Exodus and Romans over the past few weeks. God’s faithfulness is awe-inspiring, and it is the theme that ties these books together. I cannot think of God’s faithfulness to Israel, the early Christians, and the founding of the United States without remembering God’s faithfulness to me and my family. He is always here for me, and I am continually shown evidence that He is my Greatest Friend, Loving Father, and Faithful Shepherd. Thank you, God!

Meanwhile, God is showing the beauty of His creation in a stunning snowstorm today!


Anna Naomi said...

Your quilt looks so beautiful! Good job!

Yes, 2008 is graduation year for me as well. It's amazing at how fast the time has flown!

God's faithfulness is also being proved again and again to me. He is faithful in every uncertainty that this year brings!

Becc@ said...

OH! I love your new quilt, you really did a beautiful job on it!!!

God is indeed faithful, it's amazing to me that every time I fall He's right there to pick me up again!

Amanda said...

Your Oklahoma quilt is so pretty!

Mandy Grace said...

Hi Elizabeth ~ It was fun to read an update on your life! It sounds like you are keeping busy with graduation projects. I hope that you can finish everything you need to. :-)

Beautiful photo of the snow!