Thursday, January 24, 2008

... A Small Part

Those of you who are familiar with my blog or know me personally understand that Study.Quiet is but a small part of my life. This blog could not be used to outline my activities or interests, and it reveals little more than a peak into the things that matter to me and fill my time. Indeed, this blog does not even hold a fraction of the things I have written, for I write mostly in my journals, and this is not a journal.

It amazed me when I did a little checking and discovered what and how much I had written in 2007. My journal held 61,361 words. My blog made up 9,032 words. Articles for my friend Bonnie Faber and Abby Hawkins's Prairie Blossom Gazette held 2,541 words. There are also an unknown number of emails, letters, church notes, and other miscellaneous papers.

It is also interesting to note that 2006 was a better blogging year for me, but my journals felt a little more neglected than this past year. Fascinating.

On another subject, I have wonderful news! I finished reading Biblical Creationism, and I hope to write a review of it soon.


Bethany said...

wow -- how did you figure all that out? that is an impressive amount of words...makes me curious to know how many words I've journaled... :)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Hi, Bethany.

I did something different in 2007. I used Microsoft Word for my journal instead of my usual handwritten journal. It made an exact count a breeze!

God bless,