Friday, February 15, 2008

February Brunch

Susanna and I prepared a traditional Irish breakfast on Saturday a few weeks ago complete with scones, sausage links, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes and portobello mushrooms, cranberry juice, and tea. The only thing missing was the blood pudding, and I believe that is one dish we can all do without.

I also prepared Mills Inn Brown Soda Bread from The Irish Heritage Cookbook, but with all the food already on the table, we decided to roll the bread over to dinner.

We will content ourselves with Gaelic meals. Slán a fhágáil ag duine!
(That means to wish someone goodbye in Irish. I looked it up at

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Becc@ said...

Mmmm, that look/sounds SO good! ;)
Wouldn't it be so fun if we could eat a meal like that together?!
I miss you, Elizabeth!!!