Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family Vacation Day 10 -- Washington DC

We went inside the National Archives, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and the Capitol today. It was a great way to spend our last day in the City.


The National Archives (below) The Declaration of Independence

(below) The Constitution of the United States of America

The Capitol

The Supreme Court

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress


faithful lofgren said...

Wow! What an awesome experience for you...thanks for sharing it online. Did National Treasure ever come to mind? :)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...


It came to mind more than once! We were filing through the long line, and National Treasure was talked about more than the Declaration and Constitution! It was almost funny. By the way, the bad quality of that one photograph is from the darkness of the room. They keep it very dim, and no flash photography is allowed. I like posting, because I know you will see it and enjoy! Thank you for commenting!