Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7 Generations of Women

(Click on it to see a larger image.)
Johane 1821 - 1907

Clara 1856 - 1946

Palma 1885 - 1934

Irene 1910 - 1998




This shows 7 generations of women back through my maternal family line: me, my mother, her mother, her mother, etc. It goes back to my great, great, great, great grandmother who was born in Norway and came to the United States in 1850 with her husband, young daughter, and a baby on the way.

Here is a picture of the entire Johannes and Johane Olson family.

(Clara in top center)

John and Clara Peterson Family
(Palma in top right)

The Jess and Palma Smith Family

(Irene in center)

Arthur and Irene Beem


Wholesome Works said...

This is very neat, Elizabeth; it's impressive to have such a record of genealogy through photographs.

Thanks for sharing!


faithful lofgren said...

That is so neat. Love the old photographs and the history of the women in your family. Now I really want to research my geneology (I've been saying that for forever but I need to do it!) Take care, Elizabeth! <3

Erin Holvoet (erinlovesbaseball@yahoo.com) said...

Hello! We don't know each other, but I stumbled across your blog when I was Googling 'George Washington's mother.' I love American history and Google brought me to your post about her & the book you read, 'Daughters of Destiny.' Then I read through a couple of your other posts and realized (quickly!) that you are a born-again Christian, and I thought - wow, that's neat! I'm also saved -- so I was excited to find another Christian who is interested in history. I also like quilting and genealogy - and then I was shocked to see you just finished school! Your are so mature and such a fantastic writer. I just assumed you were an old crusty adult like me! OK, I'm not crusty, I'm only 33 - but still, your blog is so impressive. I just bookmarked it so I can come back to check it. I hope that is OK with you. :-)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Hello Erin,
Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you are enjoying Study.Quiet. It sounds like we have many of the same hobbies and interests. That's neat!

I think it is normal in the "blogosphere" to assume everyone is near our own age. I know I do that all the time!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Wow! I am so impressed at what you
did with this whole page. I love it
I will show this to Cindy when she
comes though. I thank you for sharing this with me. I just forget
what is available for me to look at.
Your blog is will worth while.
I love you so much.
God Bless everything you put your
hands too. Your loving Grandmother

Under Southern Skies said...

That is really neat!!

I found your blog from Bethany's, I will definently come back!


Wow, thats so neat that you have photos that far back! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Jessica said...

Wow, that is so neat!!