Friday, September 12, 2008

County Fair

My Oklahoma Centennial Quilt won a first place blue ribbon at the county fair this week! There were so many beautiful works of art, so I was happy to be part of the display!

Do you see my pillow there in the middle? It won second place!

I was very proud of my sister Susanna. She won best of show for a dress she made this year. Susanna almost didn't enter it in the fair, but I knew it would do well and convinced her to submit it.
I was right!

I have always been a "bunny person," so I couldn't resist taking a picture of this animal. Does it always look this sad?


Under Southern Skies said...

Congratulations! Your quilt IS very pretty!

I miss county fairs so much! I loved to "show" things. I drew a picture once and showed it and went to state! :)


How exciting the quilt is very pretty! :) Fairs are always so fun!

faithful lofgren said...

awww, that bunny is so cute! It made me smile - and congratulations on your accomplishments at the county fair! have a good one, Elizabeth - I miss you! (look, I'm using hyphens!) :)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thanks, everyone!

That is great, Faith! You just have to love those hyphens, don't you? They can be addictive!