Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just the Way I Like It

poached eggs on toast with a large mug of tea


faithful lofgren said...

I'm going to skip the chocolate chip pancakes next time! :) That looks really good! Are you a tea person as opposed to a coffee person? <3

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Yes, Faith, I love tea! I'm not a coffee person at all (though coffee ice cream is delicious. Tea is all that I require -- in a mug, tall glass, or dainty tea cup.

Bonnie Faber said...

Ok, so when I saw this I suddenly got SOOOO hungry for eggs and toast!!!!!

Here was what I made the next day =D

Bonnie Faber said...

Oops, that's what I meant.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

That looks so good, Bonnie! I want some!

I just might have to make some more. :)

HsKubes' Gal said...

Yum! That just looks so delicious! I like poached eggs and a big mug of tea is very much enjoyable!
Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I’ve enjoyed visiting you!