Monday, December 15, 2008

December Happenings

This has been an amazing and very busy week. My church had a Living Christmas Tree program on the 12th, 13th, and 14th, and we had several nightly rehearsals leading up to opening night. My family was busy singing all week! I am thoroughly entrenched in Christmas music now, but I am hoping to add a little more variety in the final days before Christmas.
We did a Living Christmas Tree last year, and the programs were similar in many ways, but there were several new twists this year to add some additional fun. A quote from my blog post last year is true for this year as well.

"The performance was given on and around a 30 foot high Christmas Tree set complete with lights, greenery, music, and people. It was beautiful!"


I enjoyed playing in the bell choir and watching my sister play the part of Mary in an interpretive dance to Mary, Did You Know. Like last year, she also sang a trio with Gabriel and Joseph.
Our church did a donation drive as part of the program. Box loads of clothes, food, and toys came in to support The Mission here in town. They run low at this time of year, so it was a brilliant idea to replenish their stock right before Christmas.
The programs alone would be enough to keep anyone busy, but that wasn't all on my plate this week. Activities such as rearranged work schedules, a staff Christmas party at the library, studying, a difficult test in school, decorating, time with friends, and a large family gathering out of town added some spice. My great aunt and uncle are celebrating 60 years of marriage! In addition, their daughter and her husband are celebrating an anniversary of 25+ years. That is reason to celebrate!
I know many of you are just as busy, and my prayer this Christmas season is that we will take time aside to remember the true reason for the season. God loved us enough to send His Son Jesus to us and provide a way of salvation through faith in Him! That is good news!

Have a Merry Christmas!


faithful lofgren said...

Thanks for reminding us to take the time to remember the gift we were given on Christmas...I know as I am frantically running through stores and addressing envelopes that I forget all the time why we are celebrating Dec. 25. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Elizabeth! Miss you! <3

Anonymous said...

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