Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day at the Park

I do enjoy this time of year. Fall may still be my favorite, but I don’t know. After seeing winter come and go there is something extra special about lush green trees, shade, flowers, and warm weather. I went to the park three days in a row this week – once with my sister, the next day with a friend, and the third day with my brother and cousin. Long walks in May are the best, and swinging is fun at any age! It brings back fond memories of many other trips to the park throughout my life.

The writing bug has caught me and I feel like writing about something or anything, but I don’t have much time right now. Biology is the subject of the month, and it has been most difficult. Please pray for me this Monday! I am taking the exam that morning.

Before I put the computer away for the night, however, I feel like sharing a few brief park memories to commemorate the lovely Oklahoma weather I’ve enjoyed so much lately. Here goes!

1. I remember Mom swinging me at our park when I was small. I didn’t know how to swing myself. A big boy came up, and mom suggested in front of him that I ask him to teach me. I was too shy and embarrassed and kept quiet.

2. We had a tall metal slide at our park way out by itself quite a distance from the new equipment. It was the old kind that isn’t made any more. I don’t think it met current safety regulations. It was an adventure! We would race each other to the slide, climb the tall ladder to the top, and slide down to the bottom before racing around again to do it all over again. We had lots of fun doing this, but we had to be careful in the summer. The metal burned at the bottom of the slide!

3. There was a fun park that was further away from the house, so Mom drove us there. We called it the “rope park” because it used red rope everywhere on the park equipment. The main feature was a gigantic thing made from the red rope that towered above the sand. I think it was in a dome shape, and we could climb all through it and on top of it. It was a big deal to jump off it, and I thought I was tough because I could jump from a higher place than my big sister. Well, that was fine until two older boys came and jumped from the very top! Not to be outdone, I thought about it and almost jumped several times before I took the leap. It was scary and exciting! I did it again and again until it was no big deal.

4. I was scared silly about poison ivy as a child. I’ve never had it, but that only made it worse. My aunt is terribly allergic to it, and I remember horror stories about when she had it. I was told that once you caught poison ivy, it would be even easier to get it from then on. My grandma had poison ivy in the woods by her house, and we were warned about getting too close. This made me imagine that the plant could almost jump at you and catch you unawares. I had a list of all the places I suspected poison ivy, and I ranked each place by how easy it would be to catch it there. I knew the plant had three leaves, but I was too scared to even say the words poison ivy or ask what it looked like for sure. There was a teeny tiny place under a bush at the park that made the list. It was in my top five, but to this day I don’t know if it was really the dreaded plant or not. I have tons of poison ivy stories, but these may need to wait for another time.

5. There is one funny story about the red rope park that I could tell. It is one of my favorite park stories, but again, this one is too long and must wait to be told. Let’s just say it involves my love of storytelling and the time I duped my sister into believing we had inherited the best tree house on the planet. More on this later…

6. Another rope park memory includes the time I was playing tag. I was about to be caught as I ran along the top of the playground equipment. Reaching a dead end, I jumped, grabbing more of that bright red rope, and slid to the ground in desperation. I am not sure I had ever had a blister before that day, but my hands were covered with them soon enough. I ran to mom with uncontrollable tears. It hurt worse than anything, and nothing made it better. There was no more fun for me that day!

7. Then again, there are all the times I have sat leisurely on a swing talking to my friends or family and just had a good time. Hot, windy, or cold, I’ve probably spent a day (or at least a few minutes) like that at the park.

That is all for now! Many more park stories come to mind, so I may do this again. I need to get plenty of rest tonight. Tomorrow is a big study day!

~written late Thursday night~
~published in the first hour of Friday~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


A list of completely random things I love about my mother.

I love my mother because…

1… she gave me a love for God’s Word.
2… she listens to me.
3… she understands me better than I think she does.
4… she made me carrot juice even when I didn't like it.
5… she read to me aloud and taught me to read to her.
6… she is more willing to pray than complain.
7… she is funny and laughs at her own jokes.
8… she took me to the park and played with me.
9… she is modest.
10… she is longsuffering.
11… she makes colorful and creative cards and photo albums.
12… she takes few things seriously.
13… she takes the important things very seriously.
14… she makes the best macaroni and cheese.
15… she drives me to work – cheerfully.
16… she disciplined me as a child, but she did it lovingly.
17… she gives great hugs.
18… she doesn't want me to grow up too quickly.
19… she expects me to be responsible.
20… she is my friend, and she always will be.

Blast from the past! This is a wonderful photo of several mothers in my family. This shows my mother and her sister, their mother, their mother's mother, and their mother's mother's mother-in-law!

And just in case you didn't follow that -- they are listed here from left to right.

my grandmother
Mother to 2

my great grandmother
Irene Beatrice Smith Beam
1910 -- 1998
Mother to 5

my aunt
Mother to 2

my great, great grandmother
Anna Marie Larsen Beem
1887 -- 1972
Mother to 7

my mother
Mother to 3