Sunday, May 10, 2009


A list of completely random things I love about my mother.

I love my mother because…

1… she gave me a love for God’s Word.
2… she listens to me.
3… she understands me better than I think she does.
4… she made me carrot juice even when I didn't like it.
5… she read to me aloud and taught me to read to her.
6… she is more willing to pray than complain.
7… she is funny and laughs at her own jokes.
8… she took me to the park and played with me.
9… she is modest.
10… she is longsuffering.
11… she makes colorful and creative cards and photo albums.
12… she takes few things seriously.
13… she takes the important things very seriously.
14… she makes the best macaroni and cheese.
15… she drives me to work – cheerfully.
16… she disciplined me as a child, but she did it lovingly.
17… she gives great hugs.
18… she doesn't want me to grow up too quickly.
19… she expects me to be responsible.
20… she is my friend, and she always will be.

Blast from the past! This is a wonderful photo of several mothers in my family. This shows my mother and her sister, their mother, their mother's mother, and their mother's mother's mother-in-law!

And just in case you didn't follow that -- they are listed here from left to right.

my grandmother
Mother to 2

my great grandmother
Irene Beatrice Smith Beam
1910 -- 1998
Mother to 5

my aunt
Mother to 2

my great, great grandmother
Anna Marie Larsen Beem
1887 -- 1972
Mother to 7

my mother
Mother to 3

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faithful lofgren said...

Aw, that's neat! Love the carrot juice one!