Thursday, July 09, 2009

Travel Log -- Day 3

We made it safely to my aunt and uncle's house last night.

The morning started yesterday with a visit to the Marshall University memorial for those that died in the 1970 plane crash. It is a beautiful campus and was an unexpected stop at the beginning of our day.

West Virginia is gorgeous! Our drive was breathtaking. I am not used to so many trees. It brings back memories from the Massachusetts days, but it is more mountainous here. I will upload some of my pictures later, but they are on my computer, and it doesn't have internet yet. For now, my brother David has agreed to let me post some of his.

After West Virginia came Maryland. That is where we had the best view of the mountains; we stopped at a rest stop up in the hills with a view of the highway far below, a lake, etc. Good times.

Our drive was more difficult when we got closer to D.C. and there were unexpected challenges, but we arrived safe and sound in Virginia to have dinner with my aunt, her mother-in law, and my grandmother. It is so wonderful to be with my grandma again, and we are enjoying being with my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Pat. We talked late into the night about our plans this week.

So, that was yesterday. We have a full day planned today with more family, food, and fun!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, it's so great to be able to read your account and see the photos. You're doing a great job! I miss you. ...Dad

Under Southern Skies said...

You all look like you are having such a nice time! The last picture of Suzanne and you looks so sweet. :)