Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel Log -- Day 6

This family loves to celebrate! We started Day 6 (July 11) with a continuation of the wedding festivities by attending a brunch with the newlyweds and all the family. The bride and groom opened presents, and we talked, ate, and took more photos. The brunch was over in the early afternoon, and we headed back to the house, but we weren't finished celebrating!

It was time for my grandmother's birthday party! Her birthday is not until later this week, but we wanted to do something special for her while we were all together. Each of the grandchildren (minus Rob, of course, who was on his way to Hawaii) shared a memory of our grandmother or mentioned ways that she has touched our lives and been a blessing in her family. My presentation was an album with scriptures that remind me of the godly character and devotion of my grandmother. I could not include every verse that has reminded me of her, but I chose a few to read aloud and shared why they were meaningful to me. (The picture on the right is one I included in the album of my grandmother and me when I was younger.)

We had a wonderful time, and I enjoyed hearing my siblings and cousin share. We finished the birthday with a family prayer meeting. Grandma's birthdays are always something to remember!

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Anonymous said...

...Such a memorable presentation, Elizabeth. I know the Lord put the perfect things in your heart so that you could honor your grandmother.

The photo of you seated with her holding the book is amazing. It's a reminder to have a camera nearby at all times. Memories like that are part of the joy God gives us as we grow into maturity (that is to say, a wise old age)!

Thank you for taking the time to post updates here. It allows me to share a bit of the fun.

I miss you very much.