Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trip Log -- Day 11

I have been home for almost a month now. We had a great time on our vacation. It was a blessing in so many ways -- to reconnect with family, share in the joy of a wedding, sight see, take genealogy excursions... Wow. A trip like that doesn't happen all the time.

Real life hit hard when I got back. School, work, and other responsibilities have all demanded my attention. There are many friends I have not reconnected with yet, and I still feel like I am catching up and getting back into the flow of things. I will be writing a few posts in the near future about my current events (Lord willing), but in the mean time, I want to finish this series about my trip.

So, without any more introduction, Day 11 of my family trip: Williamsburg Part 2...It has always been my desire to explore a hedge maze or labyrinth. I don't even remember when I learned of them, but they have fascinated me for years. I have been in an Oklahoma corn maze once, but a lush, green, English style maze? Never. Imagine my excitement when I learned Williamsburg has one! Finally, my chance to be in a maze! Here I am in the maze having a marvelous time! A dream come true!We had the Key to the Palace pass which allowed two days in Williamsburg and gave us entry to the governor's palace. The grandeur was amazing -- at least for its surroundings. I took many more desk photos as well as pictures of the musical instruments in the ball room. They have an organ, pianoforte, and a harpsichord. I bought the CD, Keys of the Palace performed by Michael Monaco, so I can hear what the palace instruments sound like.

My feet were thoroughly worn out when we walked [stumbled, limped, faltered] to the car. We were so happy! We had visited Williamsburg! And spent two days there! I was blessed beyond belief. Our day was not complete, however, and we enjoyed the approximately 125 mile drive to Orange, Virginia that night. Our goal was to visit James Madison's Montpelier in the morning.

I am not completely up on my Virginia geography. Our trip (and the time leading up to it) was busy, so I did as much research for the trip as was absolutely necessary. Extra stuff? Impossible. We were being spontaneous hotel planners too, so all I knew was that we needed a hotel near Montpelier. I knew the town of Orange was in the same county (Orange county), but I didn't know Orange was the closest thing to the Madison's hometown. Why is this important? Read my next post.

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