Saturday, January 09, 2010

In the Kitchen: California Macaroni and Cheese

.My mom received several cookbooks when she got married. One, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Cooking, was a gift from her cousin Carol May. It holds what became one of my mother's favorite recipes: California Macaroni and Cheese. I think she gravitated to it originally on account of her California upbringing, but she made it again and again because of its comforting flavor. It was her dish of choice to bring to families with a new baby or those who had just lost a loved one.

My dad enjoys shopping for different cheeses, so the dish never tastes exactly like it did the time before. I made the macaroni and cheese this time, and it was made with a mixture of 3 parts pasta, 3 parts cheddar, 2 parts fontina, 2 parts fresh mozzarella, 1 part grana padano, and 1 part asiago.

Zachary came over this afternoon to play games and have dinner with us after I got off work, so I didn't have time to make the dinner today -- not if I wanted to be with Zachary, my brother, and sister anyway. So, I made the macaroni and cheese last night and baked it tonight. It took much longer to bake than I had anticipated, but it did allow more game time for the boys!

And, just to prove we take pictures of everything at my house (my mom got a new camera this week), we have pictures of both the well used cookbook and the person photographing the cookbook! My mom took the photos of the food and me, and I got the ones of the book and my mom.


faithful lofgren said...

heehee - I specifically looked up your blog today to see if you had pics of the macaroni and cheese! (sure enough!) It sounded good when you were telling me about it over the phone but it looks even better. Have a good one, Elizabeth! :D

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thanks, Faith! Knowing you actively check my blog is inspiration for me to post more. You are a good friend!

Under Southern Skies said...

It looks really good! And it sounds like you had lot's of fun with your family and Zachary, too. :)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thanks, it was fun!

BILLYBOB said...

We loved your site-you have grown up into quite a remarkable young woman.
We used to attend the church in Franklin,MA that your dad pastored.
We used to babysit you a lot when you were a little girl.The thing we
remember most about you at that time
was whenever you came over our house
for at least the first hour all you
did was stand up against a wall and
just state at us with your big blue
eyes and blond curly hair.

Roger and Robin Boucher

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Yes, I remember you, Mr. and Mrs. Boucher. I remember -- among other things -- that you bought me silly putty. Thanks for stopping by my blog (and for the silly putty)!