Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Thing: The Mouth

  • 15 January: God has promised good things, but fear wants to take us over instead.  Give your troubles to God, and do not fear.
  • 16 January: Consider your words carefully before you speak.  Be kind -- and slow.  Disaster can be avoided and relationships healed.
  • 17 January: To be with the Lord we must be honest in our hearts and honor Him.  Do not be slanderous or argumentative.  Rather, be in a constant state of rededication to the Lord.
  • 18 January: Do what you promise, and do it without delay.
  • 19 January: "I have purposed that my mouth will not transgress."  We get what we are.  If we are righteous and bless God and others, we will be blessed.  If we are sinful, we will reap judgment instead.
  • 20 January: Make priorities based on what is of true value.  Be prudent.  Seek, save, and do not forget wisdom.
  • 21 January: Don't let familiarity blind you to what the Lord is doing.

This week's scripture readings were from:

Genesis 31:17-43:34,
Matthew 10:24-14:12,
Psalm 13:1-18:36,
and Proverbs 3:16-4:10

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