Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Thing: Words and Discipline -- plus a change of plans

I know this is a few days late, but this post includes my daily "One Thing" entries for the last full week of January.  I am amazed that a month has gone by.  Tomorrow is February!

My mom, sister, and I did not take our trip to Missouri this weekend after all, and I have yet to take my Introduction to Computing exam.  My part of the world was covered in ice, snow, wintry mix, and frozen fog!  I had a wonderful weekend anyway.  I will post more about it later, but I will say here that it was nice to spend time with my family and Zachary that I would not have had otherwise.  God's plans don't always match mine, but that is okay, because His are much better, and I am thankful my entire family was kept safe.

  • 22 January: Joseph did not only forgive his brothers, he became their provider.  Don't just "forgive and forget."  Do good for those who mistreat me.
  • 23 January: "Let the words or my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer."
  • 24 January: Be careful of my mental and emotional input and output.  Let God and His good things take over my life -- not "devious talk" or bad teaching.
  • 25 January: Recognizing who Jesus is -- the Son of God and Savior of the world -- does not make me all-knowing.  Be humble and teachable.
  • 26 January: How often do I step in to "fix" an argument when it is not my place to do so?  Remember the story of Moses.  Even when I feel forsaken, God has not forgotten me.  He cared for me before I was even born.
  • 27 January: Let God put the right words in my mouth.  Setbacks do not always indicate disobedience, and it never means God has failed.  His timing and plan may just differ from mine.
  • 28 January: Trust God even when there are no immediate results.  Sin ensnares.  Don't be caught in it.  Instead, appreciate discipline.

This week's scripture readings were from:

Genesis 44:1-Exodus 7:25,
Matthew 14:13-19:12,
Psalm 18:37-23:6,
and Proverbs 4:11-5:23


    Zachary Pruett said...

    Good thoughts and I'm glad your family is stayed safe in all the ice.

    The photos are beautiful too.


    Robert W Moore said...


    I'm catching up. You captured sound ideas from God's Word, and seeing them distilled into such concise statements is fascinating.

    Here's my favorite:

    "...Setbacks do not always indicate disobedience, and it never means God has failed. His timing and plan may just differ from mine."

    Dr. John Eidsmoe wrote, "God has not called us to be successful; He has called us to be faithful. ...He -- and through Him, we -- will be victorious in the end!"

    ...Another great week.