Friday, January 08, 2010

A week of ONE THING

The year is now a week old; so too is the One Thing! Challenge at church. We have dedicated ourselves to reading through the Bible together as a congregation of Christian believers. As I wrote in the intro of my new Bible study journal,

Our gathering of believers will be on the same page all year; we will read the same passages from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms, and the Proverbs each day of this year. This will enable us to have close fellowship with each other as we share together in God's Word. Most importantly, it will draw each of us closer to God -- our Heavenly Father. I am excited to begin. My church will be learning together. My family will be learning together. Zachary and I will be learning together. God has good plans for 2010.

So, that was a week ago. What stood out to me from this week's reading? Here are a few of my "one things."

  • 1 January: God's Word is powerful. He created everything with His Word. His Word is just as powerful now. How could I ever doubt Him?
  • 2 January: Excuses never work with God, and He is never caught by surprise. I must obey immediately.
  • 3 January: Satan tried to trick Jesus -- the Word Himself! Satan will try to do the same to us by distorting scripture and tempting us to take it out of context. Know God's Word.
  • 4 January: I can sleep soundly knowing God has given me righteousness and set me apart for Himself. He alone makes me dwell in safety.
  • 5 January: The world's idea of strength differs from God's standard of strength. Focus on being meek, merciful, and peacemaking. That is strength. Listen, trust, obey.
  • 6 January: Do something nice for those who mistreat me or act selfishly. We will have sad and mournful times, but God is the answer. Call out to Him. He will answer.
  • 7 January: God's timing is not mine. I need patience and faith in Him even when something is humanly impossible. "Worship" is not worship if it is done for man instead of God.
This week's scripture readings were from:

Genesis 1:1-18:15,
Matthew 1:1-6:24,
Psalm 1:1-7:17,
and Proverbs 1:1-2:5.


Zachary Pruett said...

Great thoughts, Elizabeth!

The first part of the January 7th entry is especially applicable to my life right now.

... but you knew that. :)


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thanks, Zachary. Yes, it is applicable. It reminds me of the quote you read me yesterday about God being less concerned about time than timing. Thanks for sharing that!

Robert W Moore said...

It's interesting to read a list like this in one sitting. Keep it up, and in 51 weeks I can read your entire year!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I know, Dad. Just be glad you aren't reading the journal itself. That would take a little longer. This is my compromise between length and conciseness. I originally wanted to hold myself down to just three sentences a day, but I like writing! So, this summary allows me to review the main things that God was communicating to me throughout the week.