Monday, February 15, 2010

One Thing: Sin, Consequences, and Forgiveness

  • February 5: The voice of the Lord is mighty and glorious.  Listen for it and obey.  Justice will be done.  The Laws given by God here would provide a sturdy backbone of law to any society.  Understand the laws given by God and by man, and know the difference between them.
  • February 6: God restores life, and His favor is for a lifetime.  I need His mercy and help.  Set up ways to remember what He has done, and do not stray from your resolve.
  • February 7: God rules over everything big or small.  He is exact and precise in His commands.  He cares about even the little things.  Use what the Lord has given you, and be in a state of ready waiting.  Do you feel like you do not have enough of something?  Use what you have prudently, and He will provide.
  • February 8: Use the areas in my life that God has blessed me with skill to serve those in need -- doing it all for Jesus Christ.  Find ways to serve where it is not expected.
  • February 9: Sin is serious, and the consequences are devastating: death.  Today's Old Testament scripture describes bloody sacrifices that could only imperfectly heal the breach caused by man's sin.  We need a sacrifice that will last.  In the New Testament scripture Jesus provides a clear explanation of what His coming death will provide -- the forgiveness of our sins.  How abundant is His goodness!  He shows love and asks for love in return!
  • February 10: Even in the darkest circumstances, God prevails.  When people fail -- betray Him or run away from Him -- He remains faithful.  Emulate His faithfulness.
  • February 11: Aaron downplayed his involvement in the idolatry of the people of Israel.  Do you downplay or make excuses for your wrongs?  Don't do it.  My actions have consequences; own up to them, repent, and accept God's forgiveness.
This week's scripture readings were from:

Exodus 21:22-33:23,
Matthew 24:1-27:14,
Psalm 29:1-33:11,
and Proverbs 7:6-8:36



Zachary Pruett said...

Excellent thoughts, but I have to say those pictures are stunning!

Love you,

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thank you, Zachary!

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying your posts about your Bible reading! I am struggling to keep up with mine, and so your faithfulness is encouraging! I am putting a quote on my blog that relates to some of the topics in your post. ~Melanie

Robert W Moore said...


The law of God must inform legislators' actions today if we are to restore decency in government.

I've heard the maxim, "you cannot legislate morality." This is often quoted by Christians who are fearful of imposing their own values upon others through law. But all legislation is moral. To say otherwise is to concede that some decisions may be made in a moral vacuum -- without a sense of what is absolutely right.

I reject that view, and I'm sure you do as well.

My guess is that most legislators would vigorously defend every vote or law, and they would use a *standard* when doing so.

The only question that remains is, "whose standard are you applying when defending your law?"

If the man says it is his own standard, he has made himself a god, and his system of justice is idolatrous.


Robert W Moore said...

"Do you feel like you do not have enough of something? Use what you have prudently, and He will provide."

(from your February 7 entry)

This is such an important truth. We too often see the lack -- and miss the amazing ways God has equipped us.

We have *everything* in hand that we need to follow God tomorrow morning!