Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

We are having a snow storm here in Oklahoma in celebration of the first day of spring. A friend of mine wrote this week, "It sounds like typical Oklahoma weather - consistently inconsistent." She was sure right. It was beginning to feel a little like spring outside this past week, but now that it is spring... the weather wants to act like winter again!

As far as an update goes, I am enjoying my “One Thing” Bible reading very much. The habit of daily Bible study has been so beneficial, and it has been great to be on the "same page" with the rest of my family as we grow in our relationship with the Lord. The Bible reading has been the jumping off place for meaningful conversations with Zachary as well. We even get to do some of our reading together! Every day confirms what a wonderful blessing Zachary is.

I do regret that although I have kept up with the daily reading, I have slacked off in the writing department. My One Thing Journal has not received daily attention lately, and I was basing my One Thing blog posts off of the journal. Oops!

Zachary and I were able to spend a grand time at my house yesterday evening with my family – even watching a home video from my second birthday. That was funny. I hardly said a word the whole time, but I did get excited about a new doll and potato head toy.

This picture is from around the time of my second birthday.
Shown are my brother David, my dad, and me.

My mom and brother David

I tried to stay inside as much as possible today after I got home from work, but I did go out quickly to get some first day of spring pictures. My mom and I were looking at a photo album yesterday, and there were some Massachusetts “white spring” pictures in there from 1991. I snapped a few quick pictures of it to share.

My sister Susanna and me

Happy First Day of Spring!

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