Friday, July 30, 2010

Test Day Thoughts

One thing I enjoy about the CollegePlus! experience is the flexible schedule. This has allowed for small breaks and spontaneous excursions that other students may not have the freedom to take. Even the most stressful of school days -- Test Day -- is a chance to celebrate and take some time off. It is always a relief to complete a test and know that my long study hours were rewarded. My mom went with me to every test, so we enjoyed some good mother/daughter time together.

I took my CLEP exams in a town twenty minutes away, and the drive gave us a chance to talk, grab a Sonic slush or malt (or gas station hot chocolate if it was cold out), and enjoy the beautiful Oklahoma countryside.

The DSST exams were an hour and a half away, so that just multiplied the fun!  Getting up early to arrive in time for an 8:00 AM test is definitely not on my list of favorite things, but when the test was over we explored  historic homes, museums, and stores, went to Subway (my favorite place to eat), and visited forests, rivers, and parks.  Most of all we would laugh and enjoy the freedom that comes with a completed test.  For a few brief hours I could relax and not worry about conquering knowledge.

I know how blessed I was to focus on one subject at a time and devote my entire study time to it.  I didn't have assignments spread out over several months -- like I do now with the online classes.  Instead, each subject had one test -- the CLEP or DSST -- and I could take as much or as little time as I needed to study for it.  My shortest span between tests was 3 1/2 hours.  The longest was 10 weeks (it was my hardest subject, math, and I took a family vacation in there too.)  In 21 months I earned 108 college credits -- while spending time with my family, my sweetheart Zachary, and church.  I thank the Lord for all His help.  Only 5 months of school left!


Robert said...

...Good recommendation of the CollegePlus! program. It's an impressive way to achieve college credits and still be integrated into your family, church congregation, and community activities.

I know there are difficult days, and I've seen you remain persistent and faithful to the task God gave you. He is your strength and will always lift you up!


Robert said...

These are gorgeous photos, by the way. I hadn't seen them until now. One of them is now borrowed for my desktop background!


Susanna Moore said...

Thanks for letting us take a glimpse inside your world. You have been so consistent with your studies, and it's awesome to see your hard work paying off. Keep it up...I can't wait to read what you have to say about your current study material!

Bonnie said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your blog has been featured on Head over to find other like-minded blogs and make new friends :)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Thank you, Bonnie!