Thursday, January 27, 2011


My friend Hannah shared these pictures of a chick hatching at their home and gave me permission to share them with you all.

 Here is YuanBao while he was hatching...

five minutes old

ten minutes old

 several hours old

one day old

According to Hannah, "YuanBao means "precious treasure" and is sometimes used for money or gold  (YuanBao is golden right now, and his mother considers him very precious).  He is out of a Japanese bantam father, and a Rhode Island Red mix mother.  He is very lively and curious, and he twitters and cheeps while he is eating.  When he is done eating, he burrows under his mother's wing and peeps out until he falls asleep."  

If you care to know how to pronounce this chick's name, you can listen to it HERE.


Rachel Beth said...

So very cute and sweet!

Zachary Pruett said...

Wow! Twittering already. ;)

Seriously though, the hatching is an amazing work of God and something I always marvel at.

Love you, Elizabeth.

Robert said...

Amazing photo story! Thanks for posting these. It's astounding how alert the little chick is within such a short time.