Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Fresh from the oven: whole wheat sandwich bread with character.


Elizabeth said...

Hallo Elizabeth,

Bread, Yes jesus is the Bread of life. Have you heard of Paul Wilbur? He has made beautiful music. Listen to the song "Dance with Me" and the song "Blessed are You". Can you tell me which song is your favourite?

Greetings from the Netherlands.
Let us pray for Jerusalem!

Be Ye Holy said...

Hello.I was just googling parts of the scripture that say "study to be quiet" and found your blog! I am a child of God, too. I have two blogs:

http://allwisegod.blogspot.com (public) and a private one called:


Could you please share your bread recipe, Lord willing?

I will go through your blog more and will bookmark it on both my blogs (already signed up as a follower). Lastly, I love hymns. After much struggling, I started in August 2010 and have periodically posted a few on youtube. Channel name: A child of grace. May the LORD Jesus Christ bless you and keep you dear sister.

Katie Marie said...

Elizabeth! I miss you! And I'm not sure I have your correct phone number anymore. Can we talk soon? I'm not even sure if I have your correct email address. <3. Send me an email at kittymarie@gmail.com, so we can talk. much love!

Your wedding is so soon.... :D
-Katie Marie