Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1880 -- Going Back in Time with William and Eva Moore

1880 found 31 year old William O. Moore working as a laborer in Leslie, Ingham County Michigan – a tiny town less than 30 miles south of Lansing, Michigan.  The native of England married Michigan born Eva (27) five years before in December of 1874, and they were now blessed with two children: three year old George E. and a December baby, Anna M.

It is possible that William and Eva moved to Ingham County to be closer to Eva’s father, Clarkson Flansburgh (57), who was a blacksmith in the area, and her older brother, George C. Flansburgh (28), who was a music teacher.  Due to the untimely death of Eva’s mother, she had been raised by her maternal grandparents and was not geographically close to her father and brother as a child.  Now, all three of them and their new families were settled within a few miles of each other.

Even in their first years of marriage, William and Eva’s home was a welcoming place.  William’s sister-in-law Barbara (26) – his younger brother Frederick’s wife – and her two daughters Ivy B. (6) and Nellie L. (1) were staying with William and Eva’s family that June while Frederick, a sailor, was probably away on the Great Lakes.

When at home, Frederick (30), Barbara, and their growing family lived on the shore of Lake Michigan in South Haven, Van Buren County, Michigan.  William and Frederick’s younger brother Thomas (22) – who was also a sailor – lived with them.  Their parents, John and Anne Moore, had died five and six years before leaving the youngest parentless at age 16.

It is obvious from their 1880 living arrangements that this immigrant family formed close bonds as they determined to help each other get through any challenges that came their way.

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