Friday, October 14, 2011

1841 -- The Moor Family Roots

In 1841, John Moor [my great, great, great, great grandfather], a farmer, was about 55 years old and living in the parish of All Saints in Saltfleetby – or “Soloby” as the locals call it – a village on the shores of the North Sea in Lincolnshire County, England.  This put the Moor family in the registration district of Louth and the sub-registration district of Saltfleet.

His wife, Sarah, was 50 years old.  The oldest boy at home was 25 year old John [John Parks Moore], and the youngest boy was 13 year old Charles.  Every member of the family was a Lincolnshire native and may have lived the entirety of their lives up to that point in the same county.

Also in the home were two men: 25 year old agricultural laborer Rowland Webster and a man about 20 years old.  In place of a name for this second man is the note, “n. k.” Since the census was supposed to include in each household the “Names of each Person who abode therein the proceeding Night” it is very possible that one or both of the non-family members may or may not have actually lived with the Moor family.  If “n .k.” stands for “not known” it is very likely this man “about 20” was only traveling through on June 6 – the day the census was taken.  The box for “born in the same county [Lincolnshire]” is not checked for this individual.

Some of the Moor family’s closest neighbors included the families of John Ricardson, a publican (so there was probably a public house nearby); 80 year old John Moody of independent means; William Richardson, the grocer; Thomas Madison, the blacksmith; Charles Osborne, a cordwainer (shoemaker); Edward Garton, a farmer; Mary Jaques, a nurse; William Harvison, a farmer; Robert Wright, a weaver of linen; and Richard Kelvington, a clerk.

View of the North Sea from the Saltfleet Dunes in Lincolnshire County, England

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