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1851 – Moore/Moor English Time

In 1851, nine years before the family first appeared on a U.S. census, 36 year old John Parks Moor[e] was living in the parish of All Saints in Saltfleetby, a village in Lincolnshire County, England on the shore of the North Sea.  To locals, Saltfleetby is known as “Soloby.”  Sea dunes and both saltwater and freshwater marshes are in the area.  For census purposes, the family was settled in the registration district of Louth and sub-registration district of Binbrook.

The church in Saltfleetby All Saints
Their home in Saltfleetby was only about five miles southeast from John Parks Moore’s birthplace in North Somercoates – a place which means "North Summer Grazing Area" since it is in the Marshes area of Lincolnshire and is only dry enough for grazing sheep and cattle during the summer.

In 1851, John Parks Moore worked as a servant – more specifically, he was a groom.  His wife Ann was 27, a native of Skidbrooke which is less than two miles away from Saltfleetby All Saints.  Both of their boys, however, were born in the local parish.  William was two, and his little brother Fred was 8 months old.

John Parks Moore and his family would remain in England for about five more years before immigrating to the United States.

Just next door was John Moor, the father of John Parks Moore.  He was 67 and worked as a brewer.  He was close to his native home, since he was born in the St. Clement parish which was also in Saltfleetby.  His wife Sarah was 61 and was the family member furthest from her birth place.  She was originally from Lincoln, a cathedral city about 36 miles away.  Depending on when Sarah left Lincoln, the imposing and beautiful Lincoln Cathedral would have been a familiar sight to her.

Still at home was John and Sarah’s 22 year old son Charles, a bricklayer, who, like his brother, was born in North Somercoates.

Also in the John Moor household was 28 year old lodger John Thornhill. Mr. Thornhill worked as a footman, but he wasn’t from Lincolnshire.  His birthplace was in Etwall in Derbyshire County – more than 100 miles from his 1851 home.

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