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1860 -- Moore, Flansburgh, and Ford Connections in Calhoun County, MI

Sheridan Township in Calhoun County, Michigan was the 1860 home of two families who may or may not have known each other but would eventually be very important to each other.  Eleven year old William Moore and seven year old Evangeline M. Flansby [Flansburgh] were just school children at the time.  So, even if they did know each other, they probably wouldn’t have guessed that they would one day be husband and wife.

William’s family had immigrated to the United States from England about five years before and was now settled in the village of Albion.  The closest post office was in Homer – a town about 9 miles to the south.  The head of the household, John Moore, was 45 years old and possibly working as a gardener [his occupation is difficult to interpret from the census record].  His real estate was worth $600, and his personal estate was worth $100.

As the wife and mother of the family, 37 year old Ann Moore was listed as a housekeeper.  Besides William, there were two other boys in the family.  Fred was nine years old and went to school.  The youngest, Thomas, was the only one born in Michigan and was two years old.  The only girl in the family was buried on American soil about four years before.

Outside of the village lived the Ford family where little Evangeline Flansburgh lived with her grandparents and uncles.  Nathaniel Ford (54) was a farmer with real estate worth $3,600 and personal estate worth $1,000.  He and his family were native New Yorkers who had moved west more than a decade before.  Nathaniel was once head of a large household, but there were only five others living with him in 1860.  His wife Mercy, the housekeeper, was 51 years old.  Their sons included Oscar (26) who was a clerk, John (19) who was a farm laborer, and Michigan born James (12) who was still a schoolboy.  The last member of the household, Evangeline, was the daughter of Melissa Olivia Ford Flansburgh – Nathaniel and Mercy’s daughter who died about four years before in 1856.  Born in Michigan on 23 Apr 1853, Evangeline was still in school.

Evangeline’s father, Clark [Clarkson] Flansburgh (31) – a native New Yorker – was remarried and working as a blacksmith in Summit Township in Jackson County, Michigan, about 21 miles away from his in-laws and daughter. The closest post office was in Jackson.  He had no real estate, but his personal estate was worth $150.  His wife Catherine was 23 years old, and they had two children at home; George (8), Clarkson’s son from his previous marriage [making him Evangeline’s full brother], and baby Cornelius.

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