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1870 -- Moore Roots: The Flansburgh and Ford Families

In 1870, Eva Flansburgh [the Evangeline who was later married to William Osborn Moore] was a 17 year old student living with her maternal grandparents in Albion, Michigan – a town in Sheridan Township in Calhoun County.  Her grandparents, Nathaniel (64) and Mercy Ford (61), were originally from New York but had been farming in Michigan for over 20 years.  Nathaniel’s real estate was now worth $7,000, and his personal estate was worth $500.

Also in the home were 29 year old John Ford and his family. John was Nathaniel and Mercy’s son who worked as a laborer on the farm. He and his wife Jennie (20) had a two year old son named Charles and a personal estate worth $700.

It appears as though Eva was fully incorporated into the Ford household from the time she was four years old – when her mother Melissa died – although there is a slight possibility she could have been a summer visitor at her grandparents and spent the rest of her time with her father’s family.  Eva’s father Clarkson Flansburgh and older brother George were living about 30 miles away in Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan, so even if Eva didn’t live with her father, it is likely she was able to visit him occasionally.

Clarkson Flansburgh (40), a native New Yorker and a blacksmith, married Kate (33) after his first wife’s death, so in addition to his son George (18), they were now blessed with a son, Cornelius (11), and a daughter, Mary (10).  Clarkson’s real estate was worth $1,000, and his personal estate was worth $500.

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