Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Much Soup

I made the Wedding Soup from the King Arthur Flour website this week and ran into some trouble.  It "suggests" that you have at least a 6 quart pot for the recipe, and my largest is just barely 3 quarts, so I planned to half the recipe.  Unfortunately, I only remembered that I was making less soup when I didn't need to remember, and I forgot when remembrance would have come in handy – when I was actually making the soup.  At that point, I forgot.

So, I had a pot full of cooked onions, carrots, seasonings, etc. and had already begun to pour in the chicken stock before I realized my mistake.  I didn’t have enough room for the rest of the chicken stock, never mind the spinach, meatballs and orzo that would go in last.  I couldn't divide as it was too late...

So, I ended up using all three of my pots and a stove safe metal bowl to finish the soup in.

Do you know how hard it is to make one soup in four containers!  It was a hot kitchen, but I had to stand by and watch very carefully.   There wasn’t much room at the top of each pot, so they would boil over quickly.

It is a good thing that exact measurements weren't required.  Each soup came out with a slightly different taste, and they also had varying thicknesses. One was soupy, one was stew like, and another was more like a regular pasta dish.  I ended up dishing up our dinner bowls from two separate pots!


Rachel Beth said...

Wow, one soup in four containers...that must have been difficult! I'm sure though that no matter what the difference in the four, all tasted delicious. :)

God bless.

Elizabeth E Pruett said...

Thanks, Rachel! We had plenty of food for a while, and there is still some in the freezer!

Sisters of Grace said...

☺ your story made me laugh.I guess with seven siblings I can't quite imagin that being to much.


Elizabeth E Pruett said...

Michelle, yes, sadly, it didn't make too much soup for a family of your size. :) However, you probably have bigger pots than I do! We have already eaten most of it up, although I do have some put away in the freezer.