Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering Micah

My dad called me with bad news last night; Micah, my mom's Cockatiel, is dead.  I hate writing that so bluntly.  Dad put it much better when he wrote:

This afternoon, Christina and I spent a few moments with our Cockatiel, Micah, knowing that he wasn't feeling well. The little bird came to us in Massachusetts more than 13 years ago, shortly before we returned to Oklahoma. Before dusk this evening, he gave two short tweets and expired. Christina was his constant friend, so it's not easy. We do thank God for the beautiful animals he's created for us.

I took it really hard.  I was making Fettuccine Alfredo when dad called and told me.  I loved that bird.  We had him longer than any other pet, and he was a significant piece of my childhood.  Yet, he wasn't my bird; he adored my mom and thought she was the best thing in the entire world.  He laughed like her, whistled like her... there was no place he would rather be than on her shoulder.  So, on hearing the news, I didn't feel bad for me.  I was a distant star in Micah's world; my mother was the sun!  So, I felt sad for her and wished I was close enough to give her a big hug.

Even in our sadness, there is thankfulness.  God created beautiful animals, and we were privileged to have Micah as our pet for so long.  He was a blessing who brought joy to my mother and the many children who came through our door.

Reading the blog post I wrote about him two years ago brought back many fond memories.  You can read it HERE.


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哈娜 said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your family pet! I know how hard it can be to loose a member of the family, even if that member is an animal. Will keep you all in prayer.

Elizabeth E Pruett said...

Thank you, Hannah.