Monday, March 19, 2012

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Great, Great, Great, Grand Prayer

"I am hoping all my loved ones will be ready when Jesus calls for them. I'II continue to pray for all my loved ones while I live." ~Patsy Wheeldon Smith (my great, great, great grandmother)

Quotes like this one remind me why I love family history. Patsy prayed for all her family which would have included my grandmother Jan Koskey who was a year and a half old when her great grandmother went to be with Jesus. My grandmother has been a prayer warrior as well, and I am thankful for the many years I know she has prayed for me and my family (including the little baby to be born later this month).
I know this is a poor image of Patsy Smith, but it is the best of only two that we have.  She is seated next to her husband Moses Smith.  Four of their children -- including my great, great grandfather Jesse (third from the left) -- stand behind them.