Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taylor and Spencer Family Photo

This is a 1897 photo I located online this week from Zachary's ancestry. The older man (back row, second from left) is Zachary's 3rd great grandfather, Walter Francis Marion Taylor. His daughter Rhoda (2nd great grandmother) is the adult woman seated on the far right. Her husband Frank Spencer (2nd great grandfather) is standing at the back on the far left next to his father in law.

This family came from Newton County, Arkansas, but Rhoda, her brothers, and their families moved to Oklahoma between 1900 and 1910.

In this photo:
Children of Walter Francis Marion Taylor and Hannah O Hanna Keys Taylor and Grandchildren: Left to right in front row: Minnie Taylor(standing) Emily Crow Taylor(sitting) William Robert Taylor(standing) Sarah Elmore Taylor(sitting) Anna Arlinta Lucretia Mae Taylor(in Mother's lap) Pleas McKinley Taylor(standing) Vickie Spencer(on Mother's lap) Rhoda Taylor Spencer(sitting) Mae Spencer(on Mother's lap) Viola Spencer Two young boys standing in front of men, left to right: Arthur V Taylor and Quincy G Taylor(sons of Pleas McDonald Taylor) Men standing, left to right: Frank Spencer(husband of Rhoda Taylor) Walter Francis Marion Taylor, Allison Bradford Taylor and Pleas McDonald Taylor

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