Friday, July 13, 2012

Bread: Pretty and Pretty Ugly

It was good to work in the kitchen and make bread today.  Anna sits in her bouncer just outside the kitchen so she can see everything I am doing and I can talk her through the process.

We made two loaves.  I mixed all the ingredients together, kneaded them together, and they did the first rise together.  They parted ways when it was time to be in the loaf pans.  They began to take on their own characteristics during the second rise, but these differences became more pronounced in the heat of the oven.  When I took them out, one was a gorgeous loaf that met all my expectations; the other was pitted and misshapen -- pretty close to ugly.

I did just about everything the same; they were the same for most of the process.  As I looked down at my two loaves, I couldn't help but think they mirror my life right now.  I feel as though I can use the same techniques to soothe Anna in almost identical circumstances.  One time it puts her to sleep, the other time she screams in protest.  I can clean baby poop off two outfits.  One cleans off just fine, the other stains.

The results aren't guaranteed, but I do my best, and when something doesn't work, I just try something else.  Anna is such a happy baby in general. I know something will soothe her -- even if that thing is just time.  Stains aren't the worse thing that can happen either.

One loaf is pretty (in my opinion) and the other is ugly, but it doesn't even matter.  My guess is, they both taste the same anyway.

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Robert Wayne Moore said...

I'm so proud of you. We have many years of baking ahead of us! Keep it up - it's become one of the best ways I know to re-connect with our ancient heritage. I would like to live the way John Parks Moore did in Lincolnshire just ONE day.