Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Readying for the 4th

All ready for the special service at church
It will just be our little family this 4th of July: Zachary, me, and our little Anna.  That means that if I want chocolate mousse this year, I will have to make it myself.

You see, Independence Day is about two things for me, celebrating the Declaration of Independence and eating my dad's chocolate mousse.  He started the tradition of making the dessert when I was just a small child, and he has been faithful to it since.  He doesn't have a favorite recipe since he likes to try new things, but, within a few days of the 4th -- and usually on Independence Day itself -- Dad whips out the heavy cream, sugar, and chocolate and makes the best mousse ever.

Zachary and our little girl
I have watched Dad do it, but I have never made it all on my own.  We visited both sets of parents last year and enjoyed their cooking, so this year will be our first "on our own." Like I said, if I want to follow tradition this year and have delicious, mouth watering chocolate mousse on the 4th, I had better plan on making it myself.  It might be challenging without a double boiler, but I will find a way.

We hope.

A recipe has been found, the ingredients purchased, and the frame of mind set.  I plan on making it either tonight or tomorrow.  I will post my results sometime later.

Of course, Independence Day is also the day I like to reflect on our roots by rereading the document we are celebrating. This year will mark the first time Anna will hear it read even though it will be a few years before she understands the significance of it.

Anna Christine
I think the meaning of July 4th tends to get lost somewhere in the fireworks, cookouts, swimming, and family time.  At most, it is often another day to celebrate our troops abroad.

This is dangerous.

We are losing our liberties one at a time, and the politicians who are sending our young men and women into harm's way are not doing it anymore to preserve the independence our ancestors fought so hard to win. If you read the Declaration of Independence to the end, you will see it was written in response to a long list of abuses against the people by their government.  Now, 236 years later, there are new abuses.  It is time for us all to reevaluate our government's role and return to the values of 1776.

I'm reading the Declaration of Independence and making chocolate mousse.  What about you?

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Robert Wayne Moore said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful post, Elizabeth. You always encourage me. Now, I'd better get busy, too!