Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Progress Report

My contact from the Oklahoma Society of Mayflower Descendants sent me an email that was very encouraging.  I read it on Sunday, and it gave me a big smile. Based on her review of my documents, I only need to provide her one more record (which has been ordered and should arrive soon) before she can send my application on. Yes!

According to her emails, the missing Weston death dates (from the early 19th century) should not be a problem since the individuals are listed in the "silver books" put out by the Mayflower Society. The books don't list death dates either, but the two are both accepted as Mayflower descendants. I do hope this is the case.

It turns out the two marriage records on my list are not necessary. They were both for 2nd marriages that did not produce anyone in my direct line and occurred too long ago (1885) to be required.  I will go ahead and try to get them, so my line will be as well documented as possible, but I can rest in the knowledge that they are optional.

I feel that this goal of joining the Mayflower Society is within reach now. It is a blessing my family spent those crucial generations in Maine. This process would be a lot harder if they had spent the 18th and early 19th centuries in a place with less complete records.

I have often thought that my hobbies -- principally quilting and genealogy -- were characteristic of a generation other than my own, so I had to smile when I read the opening of the email I received:

"What a wonderful packet of documents you sent! I can't believe how young you are; I had pictured a retired lady!"

I don't mind that a bit!

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Robert Wayne Moore said...

Hi Elizabeth,

That comment from the letter was humorous! Well, it sounds as if you're almost 'there' and ready for a sturdy application to the Mayflower Society.

It's a blessed heritage and one to treasure with all humility. Thank God for the ones who blazed a righteous trail.

I love you... Dad.