Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Family Trip 2013: Day 2

Rest. It felt like a true vacation with my Grandma on Saturday.  Grandma and Grandpa offered to take us all over or go to Santa Fe.  Staying in and relaxing was all I wanted, however. Zachary did go run one errand, but I stayed close and enjoyed the view of Albuquerque and my grandmother's fellowship... and tried to keep Anna happy and out of stuff she shouldn't touch.  One thing about traveling with a baby is that I take my job with me!

While with my grandmother, I updated her on some of my recent genealogy studies (including the Mayflower line) and gave her a collage of photos that traces Anna's direct maternal line back eight generations to our Norwegian matriarch!  This is an improved copy below, so I need to send Grandma a new one.

Grandma is a great cook, so we were well fed during our visit. We watched Little Men, Zachary worked with Grandpa Gene on tech stuff, and Zachary was able to take photos of the city lights. We took some group shots as well to commemorate the trip.

Girl stuff

Our little family

Grandma and Anna play


The city after dark

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Robert Wayne Moore said...


It's enjoyable to read about some of the things we actually talked about during your travels. My favorite photo is the "Our little family" shot with Albuquerque in the background!

Love you...