Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family Trip 2013: Day 6 Addition

I wanted to include a picture of my great grandparents, Errol and Clara Muckey, in front of the Flowing Wells Assembly of God, but my last post had too many pictures already.  I have to share it though.  To me, it was just too neat to be standing there in front of a place of worship that was an integral part of my family history and my own dad's life.

Errol and Clara Muckey in front of Flowing Wells Assembly of God
This is them inside (?) celebrating 50 years of marriage in 1970.
My dad (age 10) at the same celebration.  Note the wedding picture on the table.
Anna and me in 2013
My dad's baptism


Robert Wayne Moore said...

You were thoughtful, Elizabeth, to include this entry on your blog. These were such important years for us. It's amazing to see my grandparents together again, even in photos! Thank you.



Robert Wayne Moore said...

I always loved being around my grandpa. He had such a flair. Did you notice his thick white hair?! It's not much different from the day of his wedding! One of my best memories is when he asked me to help him place some of his poems to music. For some reason, I'm really missing him these days.

Love you...


Elizabeth E Pruett said...

He sure had his style! Thank you for sharing a memory, Dad.