Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I heard something recently that rang true for me. It went something this, "I have role models. They are in my own family tree. I don't need entertainers, athletes, or celebrities to be my heroes. They are in my own family." Today, on Mother's Day, I give thanks for some of the role models in my family: Christina Moore, Nina Pruett, and my grandmother, Jan Koskey.

Carrots and Mango

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Update

This blog has been sadly neglected lately, and it doesn't matter at all that I started to write several times but got distracted long before any of the posts were ready to publish. My intention for this post is to not take myself too seriously, write a few little updates about what is going on, and say, "Hello, I do think about my blog."

Our little Anna is growing up!  She finished her full year of exclusive breastfeeding on April 1st and celebrated by having her first taste of applesauce. Later in the day, she took her first two steps in a row.  She broke her record the next day with five, and there was no counting after that!

Her primary food is still mother's milk, but she is now able to expand her food horizons. Anna loves it! She tries a large variety of foods now.  She now prefers walking to crawling. Really, she doesn't crawl much at all anymore, but she does run!  Her physical abilities and confidence continue to increase.

She sleeps through the night and takes two naps a day in her crib. The "in her crib" part is a big deal for her, but we were finally ready to make the full transition.  She just wasn't ready to nap in her crib two months ago, but it went much smoother this time.  I do feel that she is almost ready to transition to just one nap a day, but she is not quite there yet. She needs her sleep!

Anna loves the outdoors, so we try to take plenty of walks and take time to sit out on the grass -- when it is dry enough.  We have been blessed with lots of rain over the past week.

Well, I was going to write more, but something is better than nothing! Pictures will follow later, but I have run out a time, and I don't want to make this another forgotten draft.