Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Aunt Jane in Her Own Words

My Grand Aunt Jane went to be with the Lord today.  She was a precious woman of faith and will be greatly missed by her children, grandchildren, and other family. In remembering her today I was reminded of how thankful I am to her for writing me several years ago and sharing memories of growing up with my Grandma Marjorie. Marjorie and Jane were the Muckey sisters closest in age and only 2 1/2 years apart.  Her letter is priceless to me.  It opened up experiences and memories that I could not have heard otherwise.  I am including excerpts of Aunt Jane's letter below.   Enjoy!

We sang duets from the time we were little girls in Sioux City, Iowa.

Our dad built us a table and chairs and often we had “tea parties” at it.  Our mother would make us little peanut butter sandwiches and glasses of orange juice, and we loved that!

Neither one of us were supposed to be out in the sun much – so our Mother and Dad would find a shady area for us and lay out a blanket so we could play dolls.  We also played paper dolls a lot!  Our older sister Mary made lots of paper dresses for them.  What wonderful memories!  When we played dolls – she said her name was “Penny” and mine was “Virginia.”  We didn’t have many dolls so we would have imaginary children – Sometimes six and sometimes just one.

Marjorie bought her own car – it was a Chevy – I didn’t learn to drive till after I was married – so we made a deal – She bought the car and I bought the gas.  Thus we went everywhere together.

Marjorie at the piano making music with her sister Jane
Marjorie and I worked at R. H. Donnely’s.  We often made skirts alike.  We had the same supervisor at Donneley’s and the supervisor often got us mixed up – Even tho Marjorie had Black hair and mine was brown.  When we weren’t together I guess she thought we looked alike.
One time before either of us were married – (We lived in Arizona at the time) we went to a youth rally with the pastor’s wife driving.  We were going around a very winding down hill road and the brakes went out on the car.  The pastor’s wife said, “Pray, girls, pray.”  Well, we had already been praying as she tended to drive very fast.  Well, as you see, we made it home ok but what a scare!

We often bought dresses alike – One time we went to another town to shop and we found three dresses alike (in the right sizes) we bought them and we gave the one to our sister Mary.  Then we were The Muckey Triplets (ha).
Marjorie and Jane
We shopped at a store in Nevada, Iowa called Ambrose’s.  Every payday we’d go to the bank and then to Ambrose’s to see what new things we could dream about or put on lay away.  We were always borrowing money from each other, but never could keep track who owed who what.  One day we were in Ambrose’s paying on account (or layaway) and we were trying to decide who owed who what, and Mr. Ambrose spoke up and said, “Last week Jane borrowed $5.00 from Marjorie.” So he solved our problem.  After that when we were in Ambrose’s store we’d say, “Mr. Ambrose, who borrowed money last week?” and he always knew cause we usually settled our accounts there.  Then we knew how much we could spend.  I guess I’m really rambling now – but thought maybe you’d get a kick out of that little story.

My thoughts and prayers are with Aunt Jane's surviving siblings, children, grandchildren, and everyone else who will miss her dearly.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

In keeping with my recent tradition of only posting on holidays, Happy Independence Day!

I have big news too.  The email I have been waiting for with eager anticipation was in my inbox this morning. It read, "Congratulations, Your membership in the Mayflower Descendants was approved. You will be hearing from the secretary soon, with a congratulatory letter and your membership card. I will have your certificate at the November meeting in OKC. Your current year's (2013) dues have already been paid." 

It's time for a happy dance! I am a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants!

In other news, we read the Declaration of Independence today, did a lot of cooking, and enjoyed the beautiful Oklahoma weather.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

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