Thursday, August 22, 2013


Zachary and I have moved our little family back to the town we consider home: Ponca City, Oklahoma. Our time in Okmulgee was perfect for us as newlyweds, but it was time to come back to the town we plan to establish our family and business long-term (Lord willing). Zachary’s family goes back six generations in the Ponca City area, and even though my Kay County roots can’t even begin to go back that far, I do have three generations of my family alive and kicking here, so that counts for something, right? …and now Anna makes four generations!

The point being, Zachary and I are family people, and we are glad to be back where we have family.  Never mind what an awesome place our Ponca City is.  Some people leave Ponca City only to return months or years later because they love it that much.  Many never left at all.

Ponca City is a beautiful city.  With the mild summer and plenty of rain we had this year, we are enjoying a lush, green August.  What a joy it was for me to stroll through the Cann Memorial Gardens with my husband and daughter the other day.  It is vibrant and alive with colorful flowers and full greenery. The gardens and I have history together.  It is the garden I went to as a kid on homeschool field trips, created music in as part of Miss Suzi’s Singing School during the Herb Festival, and walked with my sweetheart during our courting days. I even did some research on the ancestry of the family that originally lived on the property and donated it to Ponca City. Zachary proposed to me at the Cann Gardens, and we spent blissful hours planning our wedding and marriage there. Now we are back with our daughter!  It is also a great place to walk with friends and catch up about our exciting summers and plans for coming months.
Anna is soaking up the grandparent time. She is truly blessed to have all four grandparents and one great grandparent here in Ponca City. Of course, she isn’t spoiled at all! J An aunt and uncle make life even more exciting.

Zachary is working hard to build his business [Zachary J Pruett Computers] and do other work to keep the bills paid and food on the table. The Lord has blessed us with timely opportunities. He loves working with computers, and I love watching him problem solve and enjoy his work so much. Thank you, Jesus!

Although the last of the boxes haven’t been unpacked yet, our little house is beginning to feel a lot like home. I wonder what the next few years will bring?
My first loaves baked in our little house.