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Susannah Crozier Epperson Obituary; Odebolt, Iowa

The Chronicle
Odebolt, Iowa
15 August, 1935

Death Comes Suddenly to Mrs. Epperson

Settled here in 1882; Enjoyed Golden Wedding Two Years Ago

The sudden passing of Mrs. Thomas W. Epperson at her home here in Odebolt came as a surprise to the community Saturday evening. With only a few moments warning, death came about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, while she was sitting on the front porch with her husband. She was 75 years old.

Mrs. Epperson had been left rather feeble as a result of a stroke about a year and a half ago, and although she seemed to be quite strong physically, it left her heart in a weakened condition, which was the immediate cause of her sudden death.

Golden Anniversary
It was on Dec. 14, 1932, that Mr. and Mrs. Epperson had the joy of celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in the presence of their children, marking a half century of living side by side through hardships and happiness right here in the Odebolt community.

Since 1888, when Mrs. Epperson transferred her membership from her former church at Oak Park, Pa., to the Methodist church at Odebolt, she has been a faithful and loyal member of the local church. She was always ready to do her part in every activity of the church work. As a member of the Bible class, Circles and Missionary groups, she evidenced her faith in her Master by her works through all these years.

Susannah Epperson surrounded by several of her children. Back: Ora and Bess. Front: Clara, Jack (John), Susannah, and Floss (Flora).
Service at M. E. Church
Her pastor, the Rev. J. A. Farnham, was in charge of the memorial service at the Methodist church Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. J. B. Hatch and Eleanor Kessler sang "Home of the Soul" and "I Will Meet You at the Eastern Gate." Minnie Kessler was the accompanist. Burial was at the Odebolt cemetery beside a daughter, Ruth, who died in childhood.

Pall bearers were: J. L. Bruce, F. J. Gilbert, F. A. Frevert, Al Hanson, Thomas Raftery, and B. B. Strieby.

Before marriage Mrs. Epperson was Susannah Crozier, born Feb. 17, 1860, at Landisburg, Pa. Early in life she was converted, baptised and united in fellowship with the Church of God at Oak Park, Pa., from where she later transferred her membership to Odebolt.

Came to Iowa in 1882
In the spring of 1882 she came to Iowa and united in marriage with Thomas W. Epperson on Dec. 14, 1882. After living two years in the country, they moved to Odebolt, where they have lived for the last 50 years.

She was the mother of 11 children, three of whom preceded her in death, namely -- Ruth, who died as a little girl; Ralph, who died in California in 1927; and John, who died in Virginia a few years ago.

Surving her, in addition to her aged and feeble husband, are the following children: Mrs. P. L. Chandler, Thurston, Neb; Mrs. Edwin Johnson, Kiron; Mrs. W. G. Redding, Lyons, Neb.; Mrs. Otto Christiansen, Schaller; Mrs. Errol Muckey, Odebolt; Ora, at home; Charles, Craig, Neb.; and Earl, Ashland, Neb.

There are 30 grandchildren, three great grandchildren and two nephews.

Susannh Epperson holding two of her grandchildren, Kendall Muckey and one of the Johnson children.
Those from a distance who came for the funeral were: Mrs. P. S. Chandler, Thurston, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Redding, Fae Garth and Betty Sue, of Lyone, Neb.; Charles Epperson, Craig, Neb.; Earl Epperson, Ashland, Neb.; Mrs. and Mrs. Otto Christiansen and children, Schaller; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Johnson and children, Kiron; Mr. and Mrs. George Miller and Mrs. Jennie Graff, Early; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Christiansen, Olaf Olson and children, Schaller; Alta; Mrs. D. J. Edgar and daughter, Arthur; and Mrs. Crichton and daughter of Wall Lake. Lillian Engberg and Mrs. W. A. Johnson of Kiron.

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