Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lawrence Lloyd Moore Obituary; Lodi, California

Lodi News-Sentinel, 23 January 1941.

Former Lodi Resident Dies

Word was received here yesterday of the death early yesterday of Lawrence L. Moore, former Lodi resident; at Seattle, Washington.  He had been confined to the Marine hospital there since New Year’s eve when he was injured in an automobile accident. He was born in Michigan and was 47 years of age.

Mr. Moore came to Lodi in 1909 and remained here until 1925 when he moved with his family to Seattle.  The family home had been maintained at Auburn but he was employed in Seattle.  Moore served in the United States Navy during the World War and was a member of the American Legion.

The deceased was the husband of Mrs. Marjorie Moore, formerly Miss Marjorie Rosenberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rosenberg of Lodi, and father of three sons, Lawrence Moore, Jr., Robert Moore, and Bruce Moore; brother of Glenn [Glen] Moore, Mrs. G. W. [Anna] Van Noate , T. O. Moore [unknown individual, not a brother] and W. F. [William] Moore, Lodi; George E. Moore, South Bend, Indiana; Mrs. Ruth Herster [Hiester], Lynden, Wash.; Mrs. Beth [Bess] Mayo, Rothell, Wash.

Funeral services will be held Saturday in Seattle. A party composed of T. O. Moore, Mrs. G. W Van Noate, W. F. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rosenberg left yesterday for Seattle to attend the services.

Note: With answers come more questions. The obituary of my great grandfather, Lawrence Moore, came in yesterday. It made me feel good that so many of his family made the trip up from Lodi to attend the funeral in Seattle. However, who is this sibling mentioned, T. O. Moore? Lawrence was the youngest of seven (and the first to die), but if you count the brothers and sisters in the obit, it implies he left seven surviving brothers and sisters. Whoever T. O. Moore was, he was part of the group that traveled up for the service.

I checked all of Lawrence's nieces and nephews, and none of them have those initials. I do have one thought. His brother Glen's middle initial is O. (for Osborne), and G and T are close together on a keyboard. Could Glen have been listed twice (with a typo) in the list of siblings? Glen is the only Lodi sibling not listed as attending the funeral, but T. O. did. Interesting.

What makes my new theory more likely is that I checked the 1940 census for Lodi (about half a year before the obituary was printed) and I don't see anyone with the initials T. O. Moore.