Friday, April 18, 2014

PhotoFix Friday: Clara Olson Peterson and Daughter Mabel

My 3rd Great Grandmother Clara (Olson) Peterson (on the right) with her oldest daughter Mabel
Clara was born on 6 Apr 1856 and was among the first generation in her family to be born in America. Her parents, Johannes and Johane Olson, and oldest sister Helen were Norwegians who immigrated to Winchester, Winnebago County, Wisconsin in 1850.  Clara was one of what would be seven children. Her father fought in the Civil War while she was still young. Later, the family moved to the Sloan area in Monona County, Iowa when Clara was 13 (in August of 1869).

It was on a visit back to Wisconsin at about age 21 when she met John Peterson. He was a Swedish man 13 years her senior who worked on farms and railroads during the summer and for a lumber company during the winter. John must have liked Clara, because he followed her back to Iowa and stayed. They were married that same year on 7 Apr 1878.

The couple stayed in Iowa for five years before moving to Beadle County, South Dakota in 1883 where they homesteaded five years before returning to Iowa. They rented, and then bought, their farm in Monona County where by 1890 it was said that the Petersons had, "a neat and well-finished house 24x48 feet in size, and a good barn 16x24 feet, surrounded by about three acres of grove."

John and Clara were blessed by 9 children. Their daughter Palma Lena is my 2nd great grandmother.

Clara was widowed at age 50 (on 9 January 1907) but went on to live almost 40 more years -- passing away on 16 Feb 1946 in Albaton, Monona, Iowa at the age of 89 years old.