Sunday, July 13, 2014


The expectation. The wait. There are few times in one’s life when the anticipation is this great. A child is to be born. A son or a daughter. As eager as I am to meet my new baby, I don’t want to lose the wonder of these last few days. It is bigger than Christmas. It is more unpredictable than a wedding. Only God knows the exact birthday of this precious little one.  Zachary and I will know soon enough, and it will forever be a highpoint on our calendar. For now, it is a secret. A surprise of the greatest kind. Labor could begin any hour, but the anticipation grows with each uneventful day. I pray for God’s perfect timing and for a smooth labor and delivery. I trust that, no, I won’t be pregnant forever. This baby will be born, and we will enjoy newborn cuddles in time. Until then, I enjoy the wait – the expectation of a baby that is unique and special and as loved as any child, born or unborn, could be.

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